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Bachman Valve Corp.

"Specialists in Circuit Simplification"

Bachman Valve Corp., 1050 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN 37620
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Bachman Offers Everything You Need For Automation

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    Bachman Valves are sliding spool directional controls. With seals in housing and multiple slots milled in the spools, they provide fast action for pressure or vacuum in spring return or detent. In simplicity and versatility they are often superior to poppet, ball, sleeve and other types. Satisfactory for many gases and fluids to 125 psi, they give long life service in thousands of applications, often in hostile environments formerly requiring stainless steel.

    Freezing is not a hazard for BACHMAN valves since acrylic will yield under conditions which destroy metal valves.

    HOUSINGS are machined from transparent acrylic plastic, a material which has long proved suitable for aircraft windows, outdoor signs and now, for 15 years, in valve applications. BACHMAN valves withstand normal abuse and neglect. They resist common solvents and chemicals and will maintain their good looks through years of exposure to weather, sea water, steam cleaning, etc. They are "user friendly" and available in hundreds of models.

    DELRINTM ACETAL SPOOLS, colored green for optimum visibility, provide light weight, long life, and maximum efficiency.

    ALUMINUM SPOOLS, coated with electroless nickel, are available upon request.

    THE CLEAR VIEW of valve function is often of great value in complex circuits which are now made simple by our valves and integrated modules

    FLOW CAPACITIES are standard for each port size: M valves have a Cv factor of .25, R = .88, F =1.9, W = 1.9, H = 2.8. Certain 2 way models are available in full Iron Pipe capacity, i.e., .437" dia.orifice for 1/4 NPT, .562" orifice for 3/8 NPT, etc.

    NOMENCLATURE: Valves are generally signified by 3 letters and 3 numbers but with some exceptions. Normally, only the first letter is significant and reads as follows: M = 1/8 NPT, R = 1/4 NPT, F = 3/8 NPT, W = 1/2 NPT, H = 3/4 NPT. "K" indicates timers and logic elements with 1/8 NPT porting. In most valves, -22 indicates 2 way 2 port, .33, 3 way 3 port, etc. Other symbols are non-significant.

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    Bachman Acrylic Elements

    --providing 100% visibility are satisfactory for air service to 125 psi to 180°F. Timers have crisp 3-way action, NC or NO, with reset rapid to instantaneous. Our variable chamber provides strict linearity of adjustment and accurate repeatability. Mounted in an elevated position these elements will give many years of trouble free service.
    TIMER RANGE     NO           NC
    1 second        KGH-101      KLC-101
    5 seconds       KLH-105      KLC-105
    10 seconds      KLH-110      KLC-110
    30 seconds      KLH-230      KLC-230
    60 seconds      KLH-260      KLC-260
    2 minutes       KLH-212      KLC-212

    Timers 30 seconds and above have auxiliary port for chamber extension. Timers below 30 seconds may have auxiliary port specified by changing 1st digit to 2.
    Example: KLC-210 will be a ten second, NC unit with port for extending chamber. Standard chamber volume is 1/2 cu. in.

    Bachman Logic Elements

    KLG-121 (brown spool) converts any pneumatic input, slow rising or sharp to a momentary output.

    KLG-131 (green spool) blocks signal momentarily.


    KLG-102 (green) requires supply [2] and signal [1] for output [3].

    KLG-122 (red): supply [2] no signal [1]= output [3].


    Except for the 30 second and above timers, all units and logic elements are available both in pipe through models, listed above, and bottom ported with 0-ring gaskets in housing. For manifold mounting, change first digit to "0," e.g.,KLG-021 for IMPULSE.

    The Binary Counter

    Model MC-902 is a single input binary counter (flip-flop) consisting of two 4-way, 5-port valves plus two NOT elements.

    The lower unit or main valve may be used in the circuit as any 4-way, 5-port valve-for example, for operating a double-acting cylinder with supply at center port.

    The upper unit has a single input for signal. On rise of signal input the main valve will change state and remain until the signal is recycled.

    Where circuit simplification indicates pneumatic counting the MC-902 should be considered. Door opening and closing, automatic positioning and work circuits, sorting or dividing in materials handling, are some examples of applications for this unit.

    The binary counter is a fully dynamic system in which speed has been modulated by orifices to achieve compatibility with average input signals. Extremely slow rising signals may require modification by means of a piloted valve or a logic element in order to assure reliability of the counting action.

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    BACHMAN PILOTED VALVES, in addition to the important advantage of transparency, offer many features for a variety of applications. Being modular in shape they are suitable for stacking or mounting in multiples on a common base. They are easily kept clean and are immune to freeze damage. Normal operating pressures for double piloted models are 15 to 150 psi and for spring return, 40 to 150 psi. For lower operating range see note at end of page.

    Double and Single Models
    DOUBLE      SINGLE     LENGTH    WIDTH     HEIGHT      NPT    Cv 
    MPD-33      MPS-33      2.12      1.30      1.00       1/8    0.25  
    MPD-45      MPS-45      2.74      1.30      1.00       1/8    0.25  
    RPD-33      RPS-33      3.37      2.00      1.25       1/4    0.88  
    RPD-45      RPS-45      4.37      2.00      1.25       1/4    0.88  
    FPD-33      FPS-33      4.25      2.20      1.25       3/8    1.90  
    FPD-45      FPS-45      5.50      2.20      1.75       3/8    1.90  
    WPD-33      WPS-33      4.25      2.20      1.25       1/2    1.90  
    WPD-45      WPS-45      5.50      2.20      1.75       1/2    1.90  
    RPD-22      RPS-22      3.25      2.00      1.25       1/4    2.60  
    WPD-22      WPS-22      4.12      2.20      1.25       1/2    6.00  
    Note: Above Dimensions in Inches
    Lines 1 to 10 above show 2 position, pipe-through models as pictured. Lines 11 & 12 are full IPS (iron pipe size) flow, available only in 2 way action, normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO).

    THREE POSITION VALVES, RPN-, FPN- and WPN-45 are identical in dimension with their 2 position counterparts. These are closed center models. BLEED OPERATED VALVES are available in 1/8" and 1/4" sizes. MBD- and RBD- for double bleed and MBS- and RBS- for single bleed, spring biased models.

    PUSHBUTTON, PILOT RETURN VALVES are stocked in all sizes and are specified by substituting the letter X for D. Example: FPX-45, 3/8 NPT

    OVERRIDES can be fitted with a 5/8" disk (on one side) by adding the letter F. Example: MPD-45F. Overrides may be omitted by adding the letter N.

    KPD- and KPS- are smaller versions of MPD-, MPS valves.
    KPD-033 is 1.62 in length and KPD-045 is 2-1/8. Cv factor is .20.

    NOTE: FOR LOWER PILOT SIGNALS, M & R valves have optional differential piston attachments, reducing pilot pressures to half.MFD-, RFD-, double pilot for 5 psi MFl-. RFl-, air return, for 5 psi.

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    MANUAL VALVES have two principal parts--the housing with 0-ring recesses and the slotted spool. M series valves have1/4" hole through the spool which facilitates a wide range of actuating attachments.

    STANDARD OPTIONS include aluminum bodies (M series) delrin spools, all plastic construction, latching safety detent for certain models.

    SPRINGS normally supplied, deleted on request.
    MODEL         L1          L2          W           H       
    MA-22        0.94        1.75        1.30        1.00       
    MA-22 thru 45 valves have 1" dia. pushbutton and 6 Ib. spring. 
    Change to MB for 3/4" pushbutton, to ME for 7 1/6" delrin acorn nut, 
    to Mk for 1-3/8" palm button, to MF for red-white wafer actuators. 
    MA-32        0.94        1.87        1.30        1.00
    MA-33        1.25        2.25        1.30        1.00
    MA-43        1.25        2.25        1.30        1.00
    MA-45        1.87        2.87        1.30        1.00
    MBL-33       1.25        2.25        1.25        0.75        
    MBL33 thru 45 valves have aluminum housing, 3/4" pushbutton with 5 Ib. cone spring
    MBL-43       1.25        2.25        1.25        0.75
    MBL-45       1.87        2.87        1.25        0.75
    MTV-133/143 (Aluminum body treadle valve for sewing machine)
    RA-33        1.87        3.62        2.00        1.25
    RA-43        1.87        3.62        2.00        1.25
    RA-45        2.87        4.62        2.00        1.25
    FA-33        2.50        4.25        2.20        1.50
    FA-43        2.50        4.25        2.20        1.50
    FA-45        3.75        5.62        2.00        1.50        
    RA-33 thru WA-45 have 1-3/16" PVC pushbutton and 6 Ib. spring.
    WA-33        2.50        4.25        2.20        1.50
    WA-43        2.50        4.25        2.20        1.50
    WA-45        3.75        5.62        2.20        1.50
    MAO-33       1.25        2.25        1.30        1.25        
    MAO 33 & 45 have parallel mounting holes for panel mount.
    MAO-45       1.87        2.87        1.30        1.25
    MR-33        1.70        3.00        1.30        1.00
    MR-43        1.70        3.00        1.30        1.00        
    MR-33 thru RC-43 have 7/8" direct roller for cam actuation.
    RC-33        1.87        4.00        2.00        1.25
    RC-43        1.87        4.00        2.00        1.25
    PV-32                    2.00        0.87        0.50        Leaf actuator, for limit valve application 
    PVM-32                   2.00        1.50        1.00        Sensitive version of above
    1" to l 1/2"  2.250     1.750     0.344     0.312
    2"            2.875     2.250     0.500     0.437
    3"            2.875     2.875     0.500     0.437
    4"            2.750     2.750     0.500     0.437 
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    These economical 2 piece connectors, with integral ferrule are recommended for use with Bachman valves in fluid power applications, using low density polyethylene tubing. Gripper rings(optional) are recommended for tubing other than polyethylene. Jaco makes many other fittings-some of which we stock but below are ones needed every day. Black available.
      1/4"     1/8"     1-C       1-E    1-T   1/4"-U        1/4"-TU       ---
      1/4"     1/4"     2-C       2-E    2-T      ---          ---         ---
      3/8"     1/4"     3-C       3-E    3-T   3/8"-TU       3/8"-U      64-U (3/8"-1/4")
      1/2"     3/8"    86-C      86-E    ---     ---           ---       86-U (1/2"-3/8")
      1/2"     1/2"    88-C      88-E   88-T   1/2-TU         1/2-U      42-U (1/4"-1/8")
      1/8"     1/8"    16-C      TEE     ---    16-TU          ---         ---
    All fittings are tube-to-tube type and are machined from acrylic plastic-except for the adapters which are of Delrin and have male pipe on one end.
              1/4"    3/8"    1/2"
    Union     4-C     6-C     8-C     Adapter 1/4"-1/8"     NPT 42-A
    Elbow     4-E     6-E     8-E     Adapter 1/4"-1/4"     NPT 44-A
    Tee       4-T     6-T     8-T     Adapter 3/8"-1/4"     NPT 64-A
    Cross     4-X     6-X     8-X     Reducing connectors and Tees are available
    Cap       4-P     6-P     8-P     Reducing connectors and Tees are available
    EXHAUST CONTROL PLUGS Split Delrin plug, for exhaust control:
    Slotted drive     1/8" NPT (PG-10)     1/4" NPT (PG-20)
    Hex drive         1/8" NPT (PG-11)     1/4" NPT (PG-21) 

                     A         B        C        D 
    1/8" M-420     2.500     1.250     .875    .200
    1/4" R-820     3.000     2.000    1.250    .260
    3/8" F-1220    3.000     2.000    1.250    .260 
    1/2" W-1620    3.750     2.000    1.250    .260  


    Stocked in 100 ft. rolls and 500 ft. spools
    1/4" OD x .170
    3/8" OD x .250
    1/2" OD x .375
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    Bachman Valve Corp., 1050 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN 37620

    Phone (423)764-6521 Fax (423)764-0445

    email: contact@bachmanvalve.com
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